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5 Ways to Surf Faster

Stop blaming your Internet Provider and follow these tips. 🙂

1: Use a fast browser

Not all browsers are created equal!! In the 90’s Internet Explorer monopolized 94% of all Internet Browsers.  Not the case today. Some browsers are simply faster than others, don’t be afraid to switch. The top speed you will find, in the current crop of browsers, belongs to Google Chrome. If you’ve grown accustomed to your little blue “E” or Firefox, you’ll notice a dramatic increase when you use Google Chrome. Of all the ways you can speed up your internet experience, this is by far the best.

2: Disable Flash

Flash pretty much saturates the web. It’s almost impossible to get away from this technology. Problem is, Flash can be slow, so it directly affects the speed of your browsing experience. You can have Flash turned off by default and then re-enable it to view what you need to view. The biggest problem with this is that some browsers require an add-on to block Flash. For Chrome, you need the extension Flashblock. There’s also a Flashblock extension for Firefox. Internet Explorer has a built-in tool you can access by clicking Tools | Manage Add-ons. In the Manage Add-ons dialog box, double-click Shockwave Flash Object. Then, click the Remove All Sites button. This will disable Flash for all sites.

3: Clear Your Cache

Pronounced “cash”, you need to clear your cookies and cache or set your browser to do it for you. Depending on the browser you use, visit the help section for that browser to see how to clear yours.

4: Get rid of toolbars

Toolbars gone wild! Are you guilty? Browsers so filled with toolbars they take up the majority of real estate in the browser window? Most users don’t realize toolbars slow down their browser. Some toolbars take up way too much precious computer memory, while others eat away at bandwidth by sending and receiving data in the background that you’re not even aware of. The math here is quite simple: The more toolbars you have, the slower your browser will run. UNINSTALL!

5: Use tabs, not windows

Too many tabs can cause problems, but they’re still your best bet for browsing efficiency. How do tabs speed up your experience? A couple of ways. The first is all about organization. With multiple tabs in a single window, it becomes quite a bit faster to locate the page you want to see. You don’t have to maximize a window, discover that it’s not the right one, minimize it, maximize a new window… until you find the correct one. A single window open with multiple tabs is far easier to search.